Nooledge is a new Knowledge Sharing Network. The first in the world!

How Nooledge works?

Nooledge connects two groups of people.

Everybody who wants to share their know-how can simply create a channel where they can upload their knowledge videos. Of course free of charge. Conversely, depending on their motivation they can choose a price for their videos from $0.15 and use the possibilities of Nooledge to increase their income.

On the other side there are those who like to learn new things or need to solve a specific task or problem. They do not have to pay any fees at all. They only pay when they want to view a paid video, using Credits which can be easily purchased at any time they need.

Why people share their know-how?

Everyone has own reasons. However, there are three main reasons.

Perhaps, they may want to do a good deed, they want to help others who would like to learn something.

Or they want to promote their business with a nontraditional marketing. When they share their know-how, they will show potential customers that they are the experts in their field.

Or they want to earn some money. Increase their income. When they charge their high-quality educational videos, it can be very interesting business in the long term. And they do not need millions of subscribers.

How can anybody earn?

Currently we have 4 ways of earning. Of course, all ways can be combined.

Producents can choose a price from one to a hundred Credits. It being understood that 1 Credit costs about $0.15. Producent earns royalties of 50% from the selected price.

Every registered user can get 10% commission on every purchase of credits by recommended users. Because every user is automatically joined in our affiliate program.

Anyone, who recommends a user who will share paid videos, receives 10% of each of royalties of recommended users.

Everyone has the opportunity to join VIP affiliate program for free. The VIP program offers the opportunity to earn a share of 1% to 10% of the total turnover of their community.

What knowledge can be shared?

Nooledge is designed for sharing short, simple, actionable answers for specific tasks or problems in the form of quality howto videos.

It can be a theoretical knowledge, skills and practical experience that will help others at work, at home or in their personal life.

We welcome and prefer knowledge videos from experts. Understand an expert as everyone who are interested in the topic and has a wealth of experience, although they are not professionals.

Nooledge is not for tutorials for computer games, instructions for producing drugs or weapons, etc.

What features Nooledge provides unlike YouTube?

There are three main differences:

Nooledge only focuses on howto videos whose maximum length is 5 minutes ideally. Videos which can simply teach how to solve a problem or a task. Nooledge content is approved by the community.

Videos on Nooledge can be billed. Their authors have an exciting opportunity to earn money without having to have millions of subscribers.

Nooledge has a sophisticated commission system. Automatically for all. This means that eg. everybody can earn by sharing favorite videos.

What goals Nooledge has?

Our ambitious goal is to become a world leader in the field of knowledge sharing.

At the moment we operate officially in the Czech Republic because the entire project is being financed from our own resources without the investors. The plan is our expansion into more markets such as the UK and USA.

Currently, however, we focus on broadening the base of Czech authors videos.

Karel Zdráhal
Karel and Zdeněk are best friends since basic school. It is not surprising that Karel co-founded Nooledge. His main roles in Nooledge are numbers - finance, the commission system and so on. He has always been interested in personal development and he likes to learn new things. His interests include reading, healthy strengthening or NLP.
Zdeněk Höfler
Zdeněk is the founder of Nooledge and also its main programmer. Zdeněk has always had big goals and have always wanted to create a project that will help many people. He has extensive experience in designing and developing comprehensive enterprise web applications. His interests include music, traveling or outdoors.
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