Our steps

Our story began back in 2013

Discover our small but important steps.
Explore the latest news and gradually penetrate into the history of Nooledge up to the very beginning.

Moving to London

Zdenek has accepted the challenge and moved to London for a couple of months to join Mass Challenge East London Programme!

September 2016

New content types

Nooledge is not only about videos. We can offer also audio, slides and documents since the end of May.

May 2016

Equity crowdfunding

We have launched the second equity crowdfunding project in the Czech Republic.

February 2016


We celebrated the first birthday.

February 2016

Partner program

Because we have gained a lot of experience in previous months, we decided to transform our VIP program to the new improved Partner program.

November 2015


We started to meet with businessmen (and women), potential creators, video producers, students and partners. We established many interesting business relationships and discovered new friendships.

since June 2015

Digimedia 2015

Zdenek has visited an international conference Digimedia 2015.

May 2015

New Video Cloud

We have launched a new premium service for entrepreneurs and businesses - Private Channel.

May 2015

Face of Nooledge

Anna becomes a face of Nooledge.

February 2015

Promotional video

With the official launch, we also published our first promotional video.

February 2015

Official start

February 9, we finally launched the new and long expected main webdesign. Also, the Beta is over. We officialy announced a beginning of New Era of knowledge sharing.

February 2015

Filming day

February 2, we enjoyed a lot of fun while we were shooting a promotional video.

February 2015

Video production

Nooledge is about videos. It was a logical step to connect with 2P video production.

January 2015

Public relations

We are aware that PR is very important. That's why we teamed up with Petrarka agency.

November 2014

Nooledge is in the air

November 4th, we finished the testing mode and granted access to users from all around the world. The registration is still invite only.

November 2014


October 17th, we enjoyed twelve hours of relaxation at

October 2014

Test mode

October 2nd, we launched a public test mode in the Czech Republic.

October 2014

New logo

We introduced a new logo Nooledge with great pleasure.

September 2014

Corporate identity, UX & design

Who wants to be the best, must work with the best. So we teamed up with a visual design studio Benes&Michl.

August 2014

IT infrastructure

It was clear that Nooledge will be a big challenge in the field of IT facilities. And that's why guys from Business Communication took this role.

July 2014


We launched a preregistration into our VIP affiliate program.

June 2014


One day, when Zdenek and Karel were sitting at the cafe, both realized that their platform has a bigger potential to help many people than they previously thought. And so the original idea was transformed into new one. Nooledge was born.

May 2014

New addition

Our "core" team was expanded into three members. David joined us.

March 2014


Zdenek's last contract was ended. Finally, he can concentrate to one thing.

February 2014


Zdenek invited his long-time friend Karel to doing this business with him.

January 2014

New company

Because Zdenek knew that his project will have a global size, he decided to establish his company in the center of European business - in London. Asari Technologies Ltd. was born.

December 2013

Key cooperation

Zdenek met with Ondrej Spodniak. A long-term cooperation with Zenron was begun.

October 2013

New start

After few months of developing in his free time, Zdenek felt tired. He began to think about what is important for him. He sorted his priorities a values. And then the critical decision was come. He decided to terminate all contracts. It meant no income. It was the biggest change of his life. But an unreal stone was fallen down from his heart.

October 2013


Much work was done but it was still a lot of work to do. Zdenek is a perfectionist who wants to have everything perfect. Often it may be disadvantage. He needed a break. He started to educate actively - mainly in a personal development. After a timeout he continued again.

Summer 2013

The first idea

Zdenek is the guy who likes to play and invent new things. He thought about what he could make at that time. The first idea was born - a social network for making money. He was so enthused that he began to develop a platform.

February 2013