All opportunities

There was an idea at the beginning - to offer new opportunities for all and change the world.
Nooledge is full of opportunities. Use them and change your little world.

What is Nooledge about?

Nooledge is an original knowledge sharing network. The first platform of its kind in the world!

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Share your knowledge

Nooledge is a platform where you can share your knowledge, skills and practical experience. Share video, audio, slides or documents.
Why Nooledge? We allow to share all usual formats of content in one simple place.

Knowledge content
Show your expertise! Share your knowledge, skills, just know-how. It can be everything. It is not important what your situation is. Are you beekeeper, gardener, chief, marketing specialist or somebody else? Start today!
  • Help others to learn something new
  • Offer added value to your customers
  • Get competitive advantage
  • Reach new customers
  • Show your expertise
  • Monetize your knowledge
  • Discover a new way of business
  • Support the PR of your company
  • Help us to save all knowledge

Get a commission for what you usually do

Have you ever got money from some social network for sharing its content with your friends?
Each registered user on Nooledge is joined in our Loyalty program automatically. Get your commissions.

Loyalty program
Use the "Share" button for sharing content with your friends. You will support Nooledge and also our authors. Each shared link contains affiliate code, so you build a community by simple sharing of content and you can earn.
  • Invite others to Nooledge and help us to change the world
  • Recommend us to your friends, colleagues and boss
  • Promote your channel and content and win twice
  • Use the "Share" button or predefined affiliate links
  • Recommended user will join your community after registration (in 90 days)
  • Get a commission when recommended user generates turnover
  • Get a commission 10% from all purchased Credits
  • Get a commission 10% from paid invoices on premium services
  • Recommend us to authors and get 10% from their royalties

Build your new business

Are you a merchant or marketer? Are you a businessman and do you want to offer our services to your customers?
We create a new market segment. Join us and be with us at the beginning of the great journey.

Partner program
Partner program is a higher level of Loyalty program. It is designed for individuals and companies which are enthusiastic in our mission and want to help us grow.
  • Experience the great feeling when you build something new from nothing
  • Offer our services to your customers
  • Help us to build an original global service
  • Use all benefits and opportunities for your business
  • Join our nascent network with MLM principles
  • Profit from turnover of your community
  • Secure yourself with passive income
  • Get access to the corridors of Nooledge
  • Find new friends and business partners

Train your employees more effectively

Each new employee must be trained. Usually owner itself must train them in small and middle companies. But its mission is more important.
Almost every longterm routine can be relayed in video. It is more effective.

Effective training
Create videos, slides or document with routines, internal procedures, business and production processes and share them privately in your company. Be more effective.
  • Share private content and be more effective
  • Simply set for the whole channel who can access your content
  • Do not pay license for number of users
  • Simple and intuitive service without useless features
  • Bandwidth with free quota
  • Need help with video? We can recommend the specialists to you
  • Do not pay for disc space
  • Keep overview with clever analytics
  • Free 14-day trial for your first private channel