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#TheFellowEntrepreneur is a series of videos created and delivered by Max Dužek. In these videos, I answer the questions for which entrepreneurs seek questions or questions I find on the Internet. Everything I say in these videos is my point of view on entrepreneurship. The reason why I am doing this is because I see the future of our world in the hands of entrepreneurs who are willing to reinvest into society.

That is also the main reason why I chose to reinvest into early stage entrepreneurs with my time and effort. The goal of #TheFellowEntrepreneur series is to provide support on a personal level to many startupers around the world while giving them a great background of knowledge in the startup industry. I also want to encourage and help people to uncover their potential as entrepreneurs. I do this for my fellow entrepreneurs without waiting for nothing in exchange. A simple thank you or a comment, advice, tip or an email is more than enough.

I never miss an opportunity to talk to someone about the virtues of business. I breathe and do business and what I am more than passionate about sharing my lessons learned.

Apart from my series of videos I am working on several projects. One of them is a company called GliderPath ( which is helping translation companies get rid of their daily pains. With GliderPath team, we are also consulting other startups/businesses and we are trying to bring great value from our experience to other working environments. The next is called Quantum Hole ( This project aims to create a platform for entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic in Slovakia in a belief that the young people will be encouraged to take the future of the world in their hands.

And if that’s not enough great content for you. Go and visit where I run my Entrepreneurial Wednesdays Series where I discuss the basics of The Lean Startup methodology (it’s going to change your view on how to build a startup, I promise).

Have an awesome day!

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Budu se muset zamyslet nad tím, jak využít pre-selling pro Nooledge :-D